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The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW) is a fellowship of Protestant churches.

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EMW: Member of the Ecumenical Family

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Cylindrical Equal-Area Projection: Peters- und McArthur Projection

Board of EMW

Every six years 54 persons are being delegated by EMW's members and associates into the General Assembly. The General Assembly elects a maximum of 15 representatives on the Board. A chair person and two substitutes are presiding the Board.

(From left) Pastor Christoph Haus (Bund Evang. Freikirchlicher Gemeinden in Deutschland K.d.ö.R.); Pastor Raimund Hertzsch (Evangelischen Brüder-Unität); Pastor Dr. Jochen Motte (VEM); Pastor Peter Weigand (MEW); Pastor Roland Herpich (BMW); Bishop Petra Bosse-Huber (EKD); Pastor Dr. Ulrich Schöntube (Gossner Mission); Dr. med. Gisela Schneider (DifäM); Uwe Michelsen (Rat der EKD); Bishop Jan Janssen (Rat der EKD); Pastor Susanne Labsch (EMS); Pastor Michael Thiel (ELM); Pastor Dr. Erhard Berneburg (AMD); Not in the pict: Pastor Wolfgang Bay (EMK-Weltmission), Prof. Dr. Dieter Becker (DGMW); Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dehn (theological counselor)

Bishop Jan Janssen - Chairperson of Board of EMW

Barbara Deml

Rev. Wolfgang Bay DD - Deputy Chairperson of Board of EMW

Rev. Dr Erhard Berneburg

Bishop Petra Bosse-Huber

Bishop Kirsten Fehrs

Rev. Hans-Georg Furian

Rev. Christoph Haus

Rev. Raimund Hertzsch

Rev. Hanns Hoerschelmann

Dr. Beate Jakob

Rev. Dr Jochen Motte

Prof. Dr. Andreas Nehring

Rev. Christian Reiser

Rev. Michael Thiel

Prof Dr Ulrich Dehn - Theological Adviser of the Board