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The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW) is a fellowship of Protestant churches.

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In 2008 25 mission agencies, churches and church-based organisations joined EMW in its endevour to remind Christians in Germany: “Yes, we’ve got a mission”. The campaign „“ provided 13 brochures and workbooks which were produced under the leadership of EMW.

All the material was available printed and online. After 3 years the website was turned into a database where pastors and teachers, clergy and lay persons alike, can find prayers, sermons, articles, information, music, material to be used in churches services, parish activities, sunday schools and class rooms settings. Regularly new material - all ready-to-use - is uploaded.

Around 4 keywords the campaign was designed:

*The world-wide fellowship of Christians –
inspired and many-voiced *

A world-wide Christian community exists, because it is God’s will.
It is united through His love which is shown to us by Christ.
We want to pass this message on to others a message that liberates and inspires.
We hear the many voices raised in faith as a gift helping us in this mission.

On a journey as partners – together and in solidarity

Christian churches are on a journey as partners in the mission to the whole world, because it is God’s will. His Spirit opens our eyes for the joys and the needs of our sisters and brothers.
Thus we learn to support each other, to strengthen each other, to debate even controversial matters and to find answers to critical questions. We can depend upon each other even in difficult situations.

To meet other people - with respect and commitment

Because our world needs reconciliation, we want to overcome religious, cultural and political barriers. Encounters between people who are different widen horizons. But there may be conflicts, too.
A genuine dialogue results if everyone shares his or her own opinion in mutual respect. This will transform people, communities, and the world.

To strive for world-wide justice – in a critical and committed way

Because our world needs to be healed, we strive for justice. Where globalisation destroys people’s livelihoods, we want to take up our responsibility and change our ways if neccessary.
We side with people who are discriminated, marginalized and excluded and speak out for the right of all to a life of dignity.
For God’s sake.

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