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The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW) is a fellowship of Protestant churches.

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EMW: Member of the Ecumenical Family

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Latest Publications

Cylindrical Equal-Area Projection: Peters- und McArthur Projection


EMW’s publications address various groups of readers. The offer includes books and materials for schools, confirmation classes , liturgy and adult education as well as books on divers matters such as theology, politics, humanities, etc.

EineWelt – OneWorld – is the title of the magazine informing on christians and churches especially in the global south. It is issued four times per year.

Missionshilfe Verlag - the publishing house of Deutsche Evangelische Missionshilfe (German Protestant Mission Aid) – provides the Cylindrical Equal-Area Map Projection of Peters- und McArthur, Mission Yearbook, Prayers and Dictionary of Oecumne.

Articles, documentaries, texts etc. in German are found under Downloads & Dokus.

Donations are welcomed to support EMW’s publications.

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